Welcome to Episode #2 of Snow Bike Nation

This was one of the most fun and exciting interviews I’ve had the pleasure of conducting. Jeff Peinhart, co-founder of PR2 racing has an extensive motorcycle and engineering background. PR2 provides one of the best ECU’s for fuel injected bikes and developed of the first snow bike specific ECU maps.

Here’s a bit more about PR2 from their website

“PR2 Racing Technology’s reputation for engine research and development, repair work, excellent customer service, and performance is second to none. Over the years we have invested in the very best in state-of-the-art engine building and testing equipment.

Our shop is comprised of the latest CNC Equipment, CNC Valve Seating Machine, Ultrasonic Cleaning Station, Temperature Controlled Dyno Testing Facility, and much more.

Our level of service prepares bike for top level professional riders and amateur riders from all over the world.”

Jeff is a Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineer and handles the engine division at PR2

PR2’s ECU maps have helped win multiple supercross and motorcross titles.

From the likes of

Along with 20-30 other top riders

Timbersled approached PR2 in 2013 to providing the tuning on the ECU for them.

We’re gonna discuss how and why he designed the mapping for the ECU’s, why it’s so crucial if you have a fuel injected bike to have one for optimal riding of your snow bike.

We discuss new products released for the Snow biking community. Like widening of the throttle body for an increase in horsepower.

A few key takeaways we discuss:

There is so much to this podcast I know you will enjoy it!

Check out PR2 racing in the following ways.

Call or email Jeff direct and let him know you heard him on Snow Bike Nation. He’s a great guy to speak with:

Phone: 717-786-8321Email: [email protected]

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