Kyle Allred

Episode #3 – Riley Will of BRC Racing Discusses the BRC 500cc 2 Stroke Engine – This is A Snow Bike Game Changer!

Tune in for one of the most exciting Snow Bike episodes as we talk with Riley Will of BRC Engineering about his revolutionary 500cc 2 Stroke Engine built on the KTM 250 or 300 engine and KTM chassis. This episode was recorded on August 2018 so it’s been in the […]

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Episode #2 – PR2 Racing Jeff Peinhart Dives into Snow Bike ECU’s, how it can increase your FUN factor, the importance of proper engine temps, tuning and more! – Snow Bike Nation

Welcome to Episode #2 of Snow Bike Nation This was one of the most fun and exciting interviews I’ve had the pleasure of conducting. Jeff Peinhart, co-founder of PR2 racing has an extensive motorcycle and engineering background. PR2 provides one of the best ECU’s for fuel injected bikes and developed of the […]

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